[ Information on this site is based on historically recorded events and records. ]

In brief, you would be interested to know the following about us:

1.  Research into my own family caused us to bump into this character around every corner.

2.  He made such an impression on so many fronts in Southern Africa that it became impossible to ignore his presence.

3.  Yet it almost looks like he was deliberately written out of the official South African history.

4.  Coenraad de Buys made the ideal main character in the fictional history of ancient African trade routes: Camelthorn Giants.

Information on this site is of a historical nature. Because Coenraad de Buys did not keep a diary or any records, his life is recorded in a series of dots at different times and geographical locations. Information is gained from a wide spectrum of sources but still leaves huge gaps, especially during those times when he moved "beyond the frontier".

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At present, our web site is still under construction. We are making an effort to present you with our entire spectrum of information as soon as possible.

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